C.T. Baker

Clarence T. Baker is a writer of Westerns, short stories as well as novels, and his catching, exciting and humorous books are all available at Amazon.

White Warrior

Cliff is on a man-hunt for the scum who violated and killed his sister and her daughter and husband. On his quest, he comes to the rescue of two young Crow maidens captured by Cheyenne warriors, using his weaponry skills to the fullest. Soon he is admitted in their Crow camp and falls helplessly in love with the elder sister of the maidens, Bright Star, who falls equally in love with this white eyes. Meeting the challenges that face him, he is soon named White Warrior, but peace does not come easily to Cliff…

The Passage (novelle)

Billy, an independent, spur of the moment type of guy and a sucker for a good adventure, decides to go on a trip to beautiful Glenwood, New Mexico. Driven by adventure and curiosity, he goes through a mountain passage and enters a beautiful and peaceful valley. Or so it seems…

The Captive

John Thomas and his sister are headed towards happiness and fortune in the promising, but indeed wild west…
The Captive, novelle, kan fås hos Amazon.com eller downloades her.


Kid Turner 

Josh, a kid of not yet 12 years, becomes – and continues to be – the talk of the town of Willis, Colorado, when he rides into town leading a string of twenty Indian ponies and forty or fifty head of horses and mules, and, most shocking, with several Indian scalps dangling from the pony manes and one from a lance that the boy is holding. Sheriff Dodson decides to get to the core of the drama and soon the orphan boy also finds his way to the hearts of the Sheriff and his wife. The people of Willis, however, find it hard to accept Josh, never forgetting his dramatic entry…

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