Language – I’m Loving It!

I translate mainly from English to Danish, but also from Danish to English, Swedish to Danish and Norwegian to Danish, and I am a proofreader in Danish and English.


Since graduating as an MA in English and History from Roskilde University in 1996, I have used and expanded my English/Danish communication skills extensively, having acquired experience in written as well as spoken English, and in translating and proofreading English and Danish.

I have been working with language (also German and French to a lesser extent) as a student, teacher, NGO activist, writer, publisher, editor/proofreader, and translator, and have become an experienced IT user in the process.

My specific translation/proofreading jobs within the last two years include:

  • Online poker games (ENG-DA)
  • Translation and transcription of interview (respondent) – technical/business/medical (DA-ENG)
  • Translation of IT and technical manuals (ENG-DA)
  • Translation of Facebook game (ENG-DA)
  • Summary/translation (ENG-DA) of book (history/social studies) for a -PhD-student
  • Proof-reading (Danish) of PhD thesis
  • Proof-reading (Danish) of book
  • Proof-reading/editing of American fiction (urban lit, western)

In 2005, I translated and made subtitles (ENG-DA – TV series) as a freelance translator for Broadcast Text.

I take great pride in reaching the “perfect translation”, balancing as precisely as possible between source and target language.

Last, but not least, I value good communication and cooperation with my business partners and customers!

Rates (overall)
Per word EUR 0.10 / USD 0.15
Per hour EUR 30 / USD 40
Per word: EUR 0.04 /USD 0.05
Per hour EUR 30 / USD 40

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I’ll be looking forward to working with you!


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